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Creating Experiences to Engage and Inspire

Leveraging lights, sound, screen effects, performances, customized workshops and engaging teambuilding activities to create experiences exceeding expectations.

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We specialize in experiential events to elevate brands into popular culture and shareworthy immersive moments.

Production & Audio Visual Equipment

Event Production

Large range of AV solutions at our fingertips

AFJ is your one-stop-shop for all your AV needs so you can sit back relax and let our dedicated technical teams do the rest.

We specialize in experiential events that elevate brands into popular culture and shareworthy immersive moments. Bringing a boutique approach to innovative global brands and startups alike, we create experiences that work.

With the latest technology and over 30 years of experience combined with our creative minds, we’ll deliver your message in exciting ways you didn’t think possible. After all, it’s not just the story; it’s how you tell it!

Besides the usual LED Screen, Sound and Light equipment, some of the innovative technologies we offer include

Interactive Holograms

Interactive Holograms

Create a new kind of engagement between customers and brands, with a gesture controlled holographic product range, floating mid-air. This all-in-one solution is perfect for product launches and brand promotions.

smaple image

Motion & Gesture Controlled Screens

Are becoming a fast replacement of the previously used touch-screen solutions as interactive information display panels, way finders & digital catalogues.

smaple image

3D Projection Mapping

Combining video, projection, lighting, architecture, sound & special effects the technology makes any campaign or event memorable.

Working on a new idea or would like to use technology to engage your fans better?

We want to hear about your challenges and ideas, our creative team is hungrier than ever, help keep them sane in their pajamas, the bigger the challenge the better!

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Need a break from the heavy conference agenda or want to add a bit of entertainment and glamour to your event?

When it comes to entertainment, we have the exceptional musical acts, hot-ticket performers and unique entertainers clients love.

We design event production and entertainment programs specifically tailored to your event and are the one-stop resource for clients that are looking for an exceptional entertainment experience that their attendees will rave about.

Let us help you choose from a list of local and international acts suitable for your event and audience to add the right amount of zing!

Al Ayallah Dance

Al Ayalla Dancers is a popular art (folkloric) for UAE. Difficult to determine the date its inception between Arab tribes or how its inception although it is believed that Al Ayallah Dancers was performed mainly after the victory in the war and was carried out by members of the tribe victorious and thus it when Arab tribes bearing the embodiment of the meanings of power and equestrian mass of the owner of the victory in the war. Al Ayalla is the most traditional dancing style in the United Arab Emirates.


Harbiyah Dance

Life in the desert also meant having to fight in battles to protect the camps of our people. The traditional harbiyah dance comes from the Arabic word for war, "harb". Whenever you see it being performed today it is actually staging the battles of our people. Before the dance, drums and shouts are heard to warn that an attack is approaching and are prepared to fight. Once this happens, the men stand in a row holding their swords, guns and sticks and re-enact a battle with the attackers. If the attackers are defeated, then that is when the dance and musical performance comes in, as a celebration of the victory. At the same time, it is an appreciation of our successful national spirit of unity that has been passed on from generation to generation.


Naashat Khaleeji Hair Dance

Khaleegy or Khaliji is a mixture of modern style and traditional folkloric dance from the Persian Gulf, Arabic peninsula and the countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The name of the dance literally means “gulf” in Arabic and it is danced by local women in weddings and other social events


Dabkeh Dance - Wedding Zaffa

Dabkeh is an Arab folk dance native to the Levant. Dabkeh combines circle dance and line dancing and is widely performed at weddings and other joyous occasions. The line forms from right to left. The leader of the dabke heads the line, alternating between facing the audience and the other dancers.


Arabic Coffee Server

Arabs were the first people to cultivate coffee (Coffee Server). The Arabian climate is particularly good for cultivating coffee, so the Arabs were able to cultivate the plant quite well. The reason for coffee’s popularity in Arabia is not known exactly, but religion most likely played the crucial role. Arabs, who were Muslims, were forbidden to drink alcohol. Sources from the time note that many Arabs enjoyed the «exhilarating» effects of coffee.


Female Sand Painter

She is only 17 years old and already dubbed the ‘girl with the magic fingers’. From portrait faces to landscapes and literally anything else, nothing is impossible for her to replicate in sand. She mastered this art through pure practice and determination, difficult at first, but portraits of people now take about 10 – 15 minutes for her while most of other subjects are generally completed in seconds. She just does not draw still images but uses and art to tell stories. She can also create any story board about the history the company as well as the company logo.


Fire Juggler Dubai

Fire dancing has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world, and modern fire performance often includes visual and stylistic elements from many traditions.


LED Light Dancers

They give the best LED shows in the UAE. They have amazing equipment that gives a remarkable show every time, no matter what type of event it is. There are 3 different types of shows that includes spinners, jugglers and robots.



With styled themes available such as fire and ice, glamour, masquerade, tribal, middle eastern, oriental or can be designed to suit your requirements. Entertainment packages are also available to suit events such as New year’s eve, Christmas, Halloween, National Day, cultural celebrations or any event you may have in mind!


Shadow Show Dance

A thrilling combination of physical theatre, dance, and technological innovation, shadow dance is a unique and engaging form of performance art in which performers tell stories through a series of vignettes, creating silhouettes and shapes with their bodies in order to relay a narrative in a fascinating take on silent theatre.


Spark Fire Dance

Spark Fire Dance pushes boundaries by bringing the magic of flames to audiences around the world. Former Cirque du Soleil artist Dan Miethke and lead choreographer and firedancer Stephanie Hoeggerl are the founding duo behind Spark Fire Dance, entertaining and creating world-class fire shows together since 2008. Their team of professional performers and technicians bring high-energy, artistic and sophisticated spectacles to create a whole new level of entertainment, by combining circus acrobatics, dance choreography and special fire effects to each show.


Silver LED Arabic Marching Band

Who doesn't march to happy band music and what's better if its playing your tunes ? Jazz up your evening events with a colorful, glittering performance.


The Glitter Belles - Stilt Characters

Taking inspiration from 70s disco and avant-garde fashion, these sculptural creations are designed for impact whether they are ground-based serving drinks or raised up on stilts to meet-and-greet guests on arrival. The Glitter Belle's headdresses also have inbuilt LED lights which give off an opulent glow and create a shimmering mirrorball effect.



Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops. Using music, lighting and the location, the Heliosphere creates the illusion of flying. The impossible becomes possible. On a calm day our aerial dancer can fly out of the sky, steal the sugar lumps from a café-goer’s saucer and swoop from just overhead to twenty metres in a moment... carrying someone’s hat. At night the Heliosphere becomes a giant colour changing lantern.


Ariel Contortionist

Flying through the air, striking poses and figures while flying; an arielist is one of the extraordinary preformances complimented with sound and light to showcase the amazing skills.


Themed Photo booths

A sure hite with the crowd, the photobooth themed with your event is an ideal crowd entertainer and the gazillion of pictures your perfect takeaway. Automated social media postings will ensure your event is a hit all over.



Celeste and band brings together a wealth of performing experience with members from Australia and Canada now residence in Dubai. Playing a truly international repertoire which includes jazz standards, show tunes and popular music.


Clara - Female Cello Player

As member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra and Youth Chamber Music Orchestra, Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires she has performed in various prestigious concert halls all over South America. She has also performed Tango shows in the traditional “Milongas” (Argentinean tango houses). In March 2005 she performed a series of Cello-Piano duo concerts of Argentinean pieces in Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia). She further enhanced her degree by doing specialisd Cello studies under the guidance of Maria Teresa Fainstein Day and Juarez Johnson, Chamber music under Monica Cosachov and Jazz improvisation under Guillermo Romero.


Darya - Female Flute Player

Darya is a flute player Dubai based from Ukraine. After having studied in National Music Academy in Lvov, she decided in 2005 to move to Dubai, where she is now divide her time between performing and teaching. She has been invited to play at celebration events, private parties, weddings (ceremony, cocktail hover & dinner) and corporate events all over the UAE and abroad. Depending on the style of the event and song lists you request, Darya can perform in Classical, Pop, Latin, Broadway,Upbeat Modern, and Romantic as a soloist or within an ensemble setting.


Hesham - Oud Player

Hesham is lively and an energetic Oud player, who captivates his audience with his beautiful music. He has been performing regularly at hotels and privet events. He play several styles Arabic, Jazz, Modern, Turkish.


Kamal - Oud Player

As a traditional Oud player he played a vast variety of songs and music with a number of styles. Kamal has also had the honor of performing with senior musical artists Fared Al-Atrash, Abd Al-wahab, Oum Kalthoum, many others. Moreover, Kamal is a great traditional soloist who has played in small bands and Arabic orchestra which has been an essential experience.


Khalifa Naser, An Emirati Jazz and Pop Singer

Khalifa Naser, An Emirati Jazz and Pop singer with passion of playing music to spread the happiness and joy around his great country and the world. Khalifa Naser is an Emirati Singer and Guitar player, he sing English covers songs and some of them are twisted into his own versions, Khalifa Naser is so proud to be an Emirati and he always present his identity by wearing the Kandoora traditional Emirati dress to show that Emiratis really ‘got talents’. Khalifa Naser performing with his Band or solo with his guitar and in other times he sings with backing track music.


Lama Nasr - Oud Player

With her day job as an Executive producer at Al Fujairah tv. Lama is a Singer and oud player performing in UAE.


Nagham El Debal - Female Qanun Player

Nagham is a Syrian female Qanun player, raised in U.A.E. Nagham had a natural flair in music and several musical instruments since a very young age and began playing the keyboard at the tender age of 5. She had also finished grade 3 of the Royal Schools of Music (RBSM). However at the age of 14, she began playing the Qanun and fell in love with it. Ever since Nagham has performed in several festivals and prestigious hotels. She is superior in performing Arabic traditional and several modern songs of the Middle East with a wide range of styles. Nagham had performed and played on the Television and once on panorama FM. She is a talented and experienced Qanun player. Nagham the only female Qanun player in UAE.


Salha – Female Singer

Salha is rightly regarded as one of the most sought after female singer in the Middle East. Famous for her chameleon like ability to strut her funk in an afro or drape elegantly over a grand piano, she brings her vast experience to every audience at every event in every style. Female Singer Elegance, exuberance and attention to detail have become her benchmark as her reputation has constantly grown from her very first performance. She has fronted bands in Germany, L.A., London, Majorca, Ethiopia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai and her native Oman.


Sam – Female Singer

She is the ‘ultimate’ in live cover and her music is ranging from Pop, Soul, Jazz, Neo-soul, Funk, Lounge and Soft-Rock (and everything in between), there is simply no better choice to get your event jumping. She can perform in a band as well and she uses the very best musicians. in the UAE to create an unforgettable performance.


Zeina Aftimos - Bilingual Singer

Zeina Aftimos is a Syrian Bilingual Singer star whose beautiful voice has amazed audience members for years. Zeina’s had great passion for music since childhood. She started to sing at the age of 6 years old and was encouraged to sing by her family, teachers and musicians who believe in her special talent. Since childhood Zeina enjoyed listening to great singers like: Fairouz, Asmahan, Omaima elkhaleel, Julia Botrous and she was deeply influenced by them. At the age of 6 she was chosen to perform with Jawqat elFarah in which he attracted attention to her beautiful voice. Zeina then went to study at the Higher Institute of Music in Syria.


Ziryab – Arabic Fusion Band

Ziryab Fusion Band – The Fusion Beat is the region’s premiere band mixing traditional Arabic melodies with western and jazz motives. Led by renowned Qanun player and composer Khalil Ghadri, and with members representing a host of nations from the Middle East and Asia to Europe and Africa, they effortlessly weave together the disparate sounds of their regional musical disciplines, combining them into a melting pot of mesmerising world music that is perfect as both background music for a prestigious gala dinner or a great way to get your guests up and dancing to something a little off-kilter.


Andreea Zoia

Andreea Zoia is a multi passionate speaker. She is a presenter, public speaker and speech coach. She has become a global citizen living and studying in London, Los Angeles and Dubai. Andreea resides in Dubai where she is the constant face and voice of international brands. For over 6 years, Andreea Zoia has dedicated her career and life to mastering the art of communication. After studying, researching, and speaking on stage to thousands of people over the years, she now delivers her expertise as a Public Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, and Master of Ceremony in Dubai, thus, making her a multi-talented and high value professional.


Ali Al Sayed

Producing numerous accredited festivals with Dubomedy International Performing Arts Festival, Dubai International Comedy Carnival and led Ali onto having a weekly segment on Abu Dhabi TV and as OSN Consultant, Producer and Presenter. As brand ambassador for Etisalat, Ali Al Sayed is currently one of the hottest comedians in the UAE and can be seen in his own Comedy Special, "Onestly Sbeaking" at the Dubai Comedy Festival.


Rania Ali

Rania's impressive professional career background, extensive client list from government, corporate to entertainment & fluency in English & Arabic makes her the first choice presenter for major local & international brands. She’s continuously engaged in hosting events for LIVE TV broadcasters such as Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai Sports channel & celebrity interviews on Rotana TV.


Rania Mazbouh

A conscientious, dedicated and hard-working forecast presenter with a passion for media language professional with a passion for media. Highly intelligent with exceptional skills in various aspects of broadcast journalism, field and studio reporting, public speaking, research and production, developing creative story ideas, using and confirming sources, suggesting camera angles and shots, studio and sound techniques, and related electronic media functions. She is asked regularly to regularly to present events and product launches for high profile brands.


Yara Abdallah

Brand integration manager at MBC, Yara has 11 years of experience in the media industry.


May Sayed

May Sayed is the Partner Development Manager in Dubai Media City and freelances as a Master of Ceremonies for several years May has been involved in hosting a wide variety of events ranging from kid shows to seminars to workshops to anniversaries to new products launches.


Didn't find what you were looking for?

WE KNOW MORE! We are sure we have got it somewhere… And miscellaneous just doesn’t do the justice a well-coordinated act deserves. If you are looking for something outside of these categories, please drop us a line on


Teamwork and boosting team performance.

Team building activities also work to improve workplace projects that involve teamwork because it helps the teams understand each other better. After completing team building activities together, employees better understand each other's strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

AFJ offers a wide range of activities and ideas for bespoke team building activities for staff retreats, staff motivation and team development events. Bringing the best consultants, speakers & trainers, we organize your event exactly as per your requirements; to coordinate every aspect of the activity with a balanced approach keeping your culture & traditions, bonding & specific challenges in communication & business needs.

Have a look at some of the options we offer

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs can help build bonds, strengthen communication skills and boost morale while making a positive difference in the lives of people who need it most. There are the events where everyone really wins.

Build A Bike


Take your corporate and social responsibility initiatives to the next level! Get your team in gear, armed with wrenches and enthusiasm as they race to build the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rockets: children’s bicycles! It’s our favorite program, bar none.

For most of the children involved, typically ages 5-9, the bikes you build will be their first one ever! The charity bike build program is powerful from the outset and engages people immediately in a way that they have never experienced before! Purpose allows people to work harder and with more passion than if the work were just for themselves. Work inter-dependently working with everyone on your team every step of the way. Often we are able to coordinate children on site to accept the bikes. The smiles, the tears, the perfect team building event!

Helping Hands

When times are hard we rely on helping hands to create a community of support that will get us through. In this heartwarming philanthropic team building program, we aim to provide care kits for those in need by giving them hope, help and a little cheer

Dependent upon the crisis, these kits can be tailored to provide essential items and immediate aid to those who are affected. Helping Hands focuses on supporting those faced with sudden devastation brought on by an unexpected disaster, or battling homelessness. We’ll coordinate the donation of your completed community care kits to a labour camps or local charitable organization.

Team Teddy Bear

The Team Teddy Rescue Bear program is a charitable and fun way to bond a team. Each team has puzzles to solve, codes to decipher, and secrets to unlock to acquire the resources that they need to build a series of custom teddy bears.

Participants divide into small work teams. Each group must complete a series of games/challenges to earn team points. In the final half hour, teams use their accumulated points to purchase all parts and accessories necessary to build a high-quality teddy bear. Teams will be assembling bears of their choice by carefully stuffing them to huggable perfection. Once these furry friends are created, they are dressed in a variety of fun outfits giving them an identity of their own. Turning these bears into a toy for a child can be incredibly rewarding, the greatest challenge is to let go of these cute little ones when you have put much effort into its creation.

Cook For a Cause

In the Cooking For A Cause program, corporate teams will bond while making a meaningful and worthwhile donation of food to people in need. Your group will cook and eat food they prepare during the event, but the team building cooking classes also allow for a 3-pronged donation:

  • Hot food donation to labour camps
  • Sandwich/snack donation for delivery to Homes for the Elderly and Orphanages
  • Food pantry donation of “Food Bag” to families in need

Our team building cooking classes involve food, competition, and challenges as teams work together to provide fare to share with local families in need.

When possible, staff from the benefiting organization will be on hand to receive the donations. Cooking for a Cause is a great way to strengthen your team and give back to the community!

Want to see how well your team works visually or emphasize team work values? There isn't a better visual then that created by your team to remind them all year long the virtues of working together and the importance of each other's jobs then a giant canvas made up of their individual contributions

big picture

Big Picture

This problem solving activity requires that the leader choose a well known picture or cartoon that is full of detail. The picture needs to be cut into as many equal squares as there are participants in the activity. Each participant should be given a piece of the “puzzle” and instructed to create an exact copy of their piece of the puzzle five times bigger than its original size. They are posed with the problem of not knowing why or how their own work affects the larger picture. The leader can pass out pencils, markers, paper, and rulers in order to make the process simpler and run more smoothly.

When all the participants have completed their enlargements, ask them to assemble their pieces into a giant copy of the original picture on a table. This problem solving activity will teach participants how to work in a team and it demonstrates divisionalized ‘departmental’ working, which is the understanding that each person working on their own part contributes to an overall group result.

big picture

Essence of Excellence

A teambuilding sensation directly translatable into the business world that engages all the senses and even emotions.

Essence of Excellence presents your team with a challenge to create a unique fragrance for the targeted market. Teams need to work swiftly and efficiently, carefully choosing ingredients representing a range of moods and characters. They also need to have a look from the customer’s perspective and understand branding and the power of deadlines. The charm of this event is that participants get introduced to the actual perfumery industry and learn about the basic techniques such as blend bases, mid and top 'notes' as well as what drives the customers. But will they also meet the goals and deadline?



Are you familiar with stop motion animation? It’s the technique of moving an object in small sequences between individually photographed frames to create the illusion of movement when the frames are played in a continuous sequence. In this event your groups are challenged to create a unique digital stop motion animation sequence based around a theme that can be tailored to your team, project or business. It takes the whole project planning – from a 'storyboard' of the desired outcome to the actual video. Once complete, the team play their video, with rewarding and often hilarious results.

Collaborative team building events produce positive teamwork behaviors for improved performance, day in, day out, and highlight what can be really achieved when the group focuses their efforts, resources, and mindset together towards a common goal or shared objective.


Chain reaction

Challenge your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills in designing and building a cascading series from recycled materials.

Chain Reaction is quickly becoming the ultimate team building event developing excellent teamwork and project management skills while stimulating creativity and innovation. It requires proficient project management skills to design and build an intricate sequence of reactions. Chain Reaction emulates a real life project as teams are constrained by limited time and resources. Drawing on their problem solving, creativity and communication skills, teams must work together effectively in the design phase to create a realistic outcome. Will ambition overtake ability?


Art of War

The collaborative bridge construction project with limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines.

Bridging the Divide is a powerful team building activity which requires teams to employ clever project management. They need to build a bridge to customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. The bridge also needs to be stable enough and coherent with other team’s bridges (yep, cooperation and negotiation with other teams is needed as well) to round up the story. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without the awards for the best creativity, engineering design, best branding and most efficient use of resources.


Bridging the divide

Bridging the Divide is a powerful team building activity which requires teams to employ clever project management. They need to build a bridge to customer specifications while overcoming limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. The bridge also needs to be stable enough and coherent with other team’s bridges (yep, cooperation and negotiation with other teams is needed as well) to round up the story. Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without the awards for the best creativity, engineering design, best branding and most efficient use of resources.



Give your conference a gala flavour and get participants to speak about the surprise and their achievement for weeks.

This classy and unique teambuilding experience is specially designed to fit into busy conference schedules. In fact, participants don’t even need to leave their seats. Imagine the surprise when drums or hamonicas are being put in everybody’s hands and trainers announce that in less than an hour the whole group will be able to deliver a classical music piece together.

An even more memorable experience awaits you when all members of the group, comprised of people holding the instrument for the first time, actually start to play »unisono«. The wow effect to your conference or seminar is guaranteed.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Operating from tablets or with paper clues, the game sends your team on a modern researcher’s quest. Teams hit the road and face location-triggered challenges in the form of questions, clues and pictures which set the exploration mood.

Participants need to work closely together to reach their goal. The best thing of this event is its ability of integrating any story you want – from discovering a bustling city, wild nature, indoor discovery of a historic era or learning about the company’s story. The Go Team app can adapt to any number of participants because it generates equal distances for each challenge.

Competitive team building events provide benefits which improve team bonding and positively develop team culture as they empower staff to learn and appreciate the differences amongst their team members in an environment outside of the “four walls” of the work place.



Tabletop FASTCAR, a fast-paced indoor team building exercise, uses build-your-own-car kits, plus a four-lane racetrack with all the fanfare, and regalia of a professional racing event. Cars will race down a gravity track to the finish line.

Heats fold teams into three finals, so even losing cars have a chance at glory. The suspense builds as cars screech down the track in a series of heats, semi-finals, and the final championship.

The action throughout Tabletop FASTCAR is narrated by our track announcer, backed with exciting music. Once the final victory is claimed, prizes can be handed out at a hilarious awards ceremony. In the end, everyone is a winner.


Put Put Challenge

Overcoming obstacles together. Thinking outside the box. Using resources effectively. This is what the hole in one team building activity will deliver to your group.

It starts off as ‘just a bit of fun’. But within minutes of the first shot, the atmosphere changes – let the competition begin!

Choose mini golf for your team building activity to fulfil all your employee engagement objectives. Mini golf brings people together, develops coaching and listening skills, and builds colleague confidence and trust. Did we mention it’s super fun and exciting too!

We can design a mini golf course to meet all your team-building objectives. Perhaps you’d like to encourage leadership skills, introduce an element of jeopardy, or even a surprise task.This is exactly the kind of challenge we thrive on! Tell us what you want from your team building and we’ll design a course to help you achieve your objectives.

Our courses can also form part of a bigger event with team scores carried forward to a final activity. We can customise every element of the course to fit with the style, format and theme of your event, down to the flags, scorecards and pencils. If you need extra support, our team of professional mini golfers will show your employees the basics and share their top tips.


Minefield or Maze

An excellent activity to see how well your team focuses and follows the lead as they manage to get all their team members come out of a mine filled maze that their opponent re-arranges every 15 minutes.

Team building games are one of the most effective ways for your team to connect, build comfort working together, and get to know each other on a personal and professional level. Your goal should be to create an environment that is fun and inspires teamwork. Stay away from games that are too challenging or stressful. A great team building game will help your employees work better together and the skills they develop will remain long after the team building game is over.

To know more about our Escape Rooms and Murder Mystries, click here.

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Children's Craft Workshops

Inspiring Imagination

We’re here to help make a positive difference, to inspire imaginations and nurture creativity.Our journeys of discovery, exploration and development unlock ideas through our fun, hands-on activities, products and of course a little bit of sparkly glitter.

Our range of experiences aren't about here's one we made earlier. Oh no – we're here to spark each child’s or adult's natural curiosity, to help each person create their own fun journeys of exploration, discovery, self-learning and development.

craft workshops

Let us know how we can help you

Doll Making (Al Arees)

This workshop aims to introduce the emirati doll making practice, using colour, pattern, texture, witty details and creative techniques to produce unique objects of design and artistry.

The participants will briefly discuss with the instructor details of their doll and materials to use. They will then sketch the desired shape of their doll, followed by making a simple doll pattern. This will be followed by an introduction to essential doll making techniques, including hand embroidery, fabric cutting, turning, stuffing and embellishing the doll.

By the end of the workshop participants with get to take home their finished mini-me creation!

Pottery (Sanna’ Al Fakhar)

This workshop aims to introduce pottery making and its various techniques, using wheel throwing, hand building and glazing to create traditional shapes.

Participants will choose the shape they want, how they want it painted and proceed to use the simple tools guided by skilled coordinators to create their artistic masterpeices to take home.

Back To School

This workshop aims to invite kids to join a creative session of building funky Pencil toppers, Pencil Holders and scrap books.


Kids will learn how to weave their very own popsicle stick spiderweb, decorate ghostly cup cakes, paint pumpkin lights.


Paper snowflakes, stars, Popsicle Christmas trees and Snow Globes with your favorite themes, christmas ornaments and many more ideas and techniques will be introduced.


Design colorful Lanterns and Sun Catchers to light up your house using pre-cut plastic, paper, colors and decorative stickers.


Easter scenes in jar lamps and candy holders with rabbits, eggs and tiny chicks.


Let the Picasso’s of tomorrow design their most creative Eid Cards, gift boxes and Sheeps! for their family and friends.

Remote-controlled Cars

Have you ever thought about what’s involved in designing a car? From the chassis to the motor, learn about every aspect of a radio-controlled (RC) car where you are in the driving seat! With the guidance of two instructors, build your very own model and once complete, the race is on! You’ll have fun racing your RC cars around the surrounding course.

By the end of the workshop participants with get to take home their finished mini-me creation!

Building Bridges

Real-world movable bridges sometimes use hydraulic power to assist the lifting mechanism. This hands-on engineering workshop mimics that engineering technique using a hydraulic system. Get in to groups and, with the guidance of two instructors, design and build your very own, fully functional hydraulic bridge from scratch.

Snapping Circuits

In this workshop, participants will use Snap Circuits to learn the function and role of resistors, capacitors, transistors, motors, and circuits. Participants will take this knowledge and build circuits from directions included in their kits and build a circuit of their own design.

Crazy Chemistry

Explore chemical reactions in this hands-on workshop session. From colour changing liquids to slimy putty (every participant will make a pot to take home), this is sure to get a reaction from everyone! Includes a cool mini explosion!

Clay Painting

Bringing out their inner Picasso on clay toys, participants will have a choice of the shape they want, whether they want to try their hands with colors or use the many decorative trinkets to make their creative keepsake.

Stain Glass Art

Made with precut plastic templates, Participants can choose shapes, colors and decorative items to adorn small table lamps, dream catchers, frames to take home.

Wind Chime Making

In this workshop, participants will use pre-cut felt shapes, beads, bells and more to create musical art for their homes.

Geode Art Workshop

Join us in designing your own resin geode coasters for our new workshop. This is a fun class for beginners looking to try their hand at pouring resin to create highly pigmented, 3D art. Working with our non-toxic, odourless epoxy art resin, you can learn how to measure, blend and pour. After a brief tutorial, you'll work to create your custom design with a variety of coloured powdered pigments. Beautify your geodes with glitter, crushed glass and much more! This makes a great gift and is an awesome group activity for any age group.

Mason Jar Terrariums

At this workshop we’ll learn about living things and how they are connected. We will create our own little ecosystems in mason jars. Complete with living moss and activated charcoal, these terrariums are the real deal! Bring home an eco-system in a jar.


A low maintainence Betta Fish aquaponic herb garden to teach children about alternate gardening techniques. Participants will be able to choose the color of the fish they want and the plant they want to place before labelling their living sustainable masterpeices.

Fairy/Dinosaurs Garden

Come build a mad, fun, living fairy garden or a jungle for dinosaurs. Learn how to grow plants, build teeny models and make use of found objects as well as plant a living garden.

It's even more fun than a doll's house! Whether you believe in fairies or not a fairy garden is a must for the bottom of your garden or flat balcony! If there are goblins, fairies or unicorns about this will attract them.

ID Badges, Registration Services

We offer complete online & offline event permit and registration services with badging solutions ranging from plastic-coated to paper badges. Our permit services are quick and responsive and the badging solution is simple enough to issue a badge in less than 40 seconds.

ID / Name Badges

Dealing with paper badges, customizable to include pictures, barcodes and multiple access indicators. Our solution comes with badge design services, required IT setup and operators to lessen your workload.


Working with materials like Tyvek®, plastic, and vinyl for security and identification purposes as well as silicone and cloth most commonly used for promotional or cause-related events. There are in-stock and custom solutions for all the different types of wristbands.


We can assist you in securing event and artist permits for conferences and exhibitions and to register and run your event through the DTCM event ticketing platform required for all events that require registrations (Paid & Unpaid).

We come from entertainment & production backgrounds where artistic & technical expertise join together in bringing events to life, whatever stage or screen they take place on.

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We sketch all the time and do 3D illustrations and walkthroughs for our clients all the time but sometimes we like to write about our work, share what motivates us and where we get our inspirations from. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, join us here to read and if you like, share your articles to keep each other motivated :)

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Managing an Engaging Hybrid / Virtual Event

To be human is to want to be seen and understood, to belong. Psychologists have told us this for years. If feeling unseen leads to disconnection, what can we do about this? Let’s endeavor to design all meetings and events for human connection and engagement.With the new individual inclusives trending, hybrid solutions are taking a decisive edge over the good old plain virtual. All great in the initial pandemic times when we thought our lockdowns will last just for a couple of weeks, the world is now settling into a more permanent view of distant participation, responsible behaviours and sustainable (economically & environmentally) solutions to speak, meet, discuss and transact while being a-part (pun intentded) of each other. Read more....

'Hybrid Events' The new face of MICE Industry Post COVID-19
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It will take time before people feel comfortable in large gatherings again. But it doesn’t mean that events won’t happen in the meantime. As you rethink your event strategies and upskill your teams to work in the post COVID-19 events era, have a look at some of operations and offerings you can move / add digitally to your events.

Outreach with COVID around: Marketing n.0
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The events industry is using this challenging time to prepare for a future of opportunity and to forge closer relationships with our customers, colleagues, members, partners and even competitors.

COVID19 & the Changing Face of the Events & Exhibitions Industry
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With a rapidly changing global economic landscape the Covid-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the events and exhibitions industry. What do we expect when the lockdown ends?

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How your company office could change in the post-coronavirus era
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Exactly when employees will be heading back to work is still an unknown, but what is certain is that when it does happen, things at the office will almost certainly be very different.

Whatever stage you're at, we’re here to challenge your status quo and navigate you through the many pathways that turn great ideas into tangible value.

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