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The team at AFJ Events Group is here to assist you with a wide range of bespoke & off-the-self solutions, carefully selected to help you maintain a safe environment & promote your business.

Let’s use this as a chance to reimagine our marketing strategies & try new approaches.

Experience the proximity of physical events with the interaction of online events.

Recreate the experience of a live event, via streaming. Remote assistants participate through gamification & content creation.

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Custom Branded
Hygiene Kits

Perfect for Back to School,
Back to Work Partner &
Employee Giveaways

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Hand Sanitizer

Protect your Staff & Customers.
Combine hygiene with print &
intelligent digital signage.

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Safer. Faster. Smarter.

Temperature Screening & Thermographic Cameras are designed to detect elevated skin-surface temperatures, & can be used for rapid & preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, schools & other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.
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Disinfection Gates

An easy, innovative and cost effective must-have for all public spaces. The booths come in various finishes, & can be ordered in Transparent, Aluminium, Glass or PVC & are made in various sizes to match the designated area.

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Don’t Stop While the World’s Still Turning

With the current pandemic, the way customers engage with brands has changed rapidly. What was new last year is not just repetitive but may not be practical anymore as well so we have come up with new cool ways to connect brands with customers in the very special world we now live in.
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Adapt Your Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

Let's raise your brand volume!
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Introducing FOUR quick start packages*, designed to to start seeing the results asap!

Brand Starter Pack

Just starting out or looking for a rebrand? Develop your own brand identity with a plug-and-play guidelines. Complete branding solution adapted for print and online usage.

Package Details:
  • Brand logo design & colour palette
  • Multiple logo options
  • Usage guidelines
Time: 3 weeks
Starting from
AED 6,000.00

Social Media Pack

Using proven social media strategies & to implement procedures based on the results of extensive analysis, & application of specifics unique to your needs, we are confident in delivering effective results within your social media channels.

Package Details:
  • 1 social media activation with execution plan
  • Influencer recommendations
  • Development of 1 master key visual
  • Development of up to 3 bilingual social posts across 3 mediums
Time: 2 weeks
Starting from
AED 5,000.00

Campaign Pack

Launching an initiative or product? We'll develop a full fledged bilingual campaign across print, online and experential mediums to help you succeed!

Package Details:
  • 1 creative concept
  • Campaign touchpoints & mechanics
  • 1 master key visual, 3 social media posts, 2 print adaptations, 3 digitial banners
  • Community/Consumer outreach activity
Time: 4 weeks
Starting from
AED 10,000.00

Ecommerce Pack

Thinking of taking your shop online ? We work on ready to go ecommerce solutions to ensure you reach your customers online in the shortest amount of time with online payment integration through various payment gateways:

Package Details:
  • Design and development plan
  • Graphical theme(colors, general look and feel etc.)
  • Creation of graphical elements
  • Web pages coding and integration of latest front end technologies to enhance UX
  • Integrate product databases
  • Integration of e-commerce features:shopping cart, checkout, membership accounts, etc.
  • CMS & Backend Programming
Time: 2 weeks
Starting from
AED 20,000.00
* Terms & Conditions apply.

Whatever stage you're at, we’re here to challenge your status quo & navigate you through the many pathways that turn great ideas into tangible value.


AFJ Events Group

Thoughts and Inspirations

We sketch all the time and do 3D illustrations and walkthroughs for our clients all the time but sometimes we like to write about our work, share what motivates us and where we get our inspirations from. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, join us here to read and if you like, share your articles to keep each other motivated :)

#covid19, #virtualevent, #hybridevents, #studio, #socialdistancing, #inclusiveexclusivity, #newnormal

Managing an Engaging Hybrid / Virtual Event

To be human is to want to be seen and understood, to belong. Psychologists have told us this for years. If feeling unseen leads to disconnection, what can we do about this? Let’s endeavor to design all meetings and events for human connection and engagement.With the new individual inclusives trending, hybrid solutions are taking a decisive edge over the good old plain virtual. All great in the initial pandemic times when we thought our lockdowns will last just for a couple of weeks, the world is now settling into a more permanent view of distant participation, responsible behaviours and sustainable (economically & environmentally) solutions to speak, meet, discuss and transact while being a-part (pun intentded) of each other. Read more....

'Hybrid Events' The new face of MICE Industry Post COVID-19
#Covid19, #Virtualevent, #Hybridevents, #Studio, #Socialdistancing

It will take time before people feel comfortable in large gatherings again. But it doesn’t mean that events won’t happen in the meantime. As you rethink your event strategies and upskill your teams to work in the post COVID-19 events era, have a look at some of operations and offerings you can move / add digitally to your events.

Outreach with COVID around: Marketing n.0
#covid19, #marketing, #socialdistancing

The events industry is using this challenging time to prepare for a future of opportunity and to forge closer relationships with our customers, colleagues, members, partners and even competitors.

COVID19 & the Changing Face of the Events & Exhibitions Industry
#covid19, #marketing, #challenges

With a rapidly changing global economic landscape the Covid-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the events and exhibitions industry. What do we expect when the lockdown ends?

Sample image
How your company office could change in the post-coronavirus era
#socialmedia, #events

Exactly when employees will be heading back to work is still an unknown, but what is certain is that when it does happen, things at the office will almost certainly be very different.

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