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The new reality without an expiry date

Lockdown easing means fingers are coming off the pause button & industry cogs are beginning to turn once more. It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it? Moving. Making decisions. Planning work that excites us & having things to look forward to.

Let’s use this as a chance to reimagine our marketing strategies & try new approaches.

The team at AFJ Events Group can assist you with a wide range of bespoke & off-the-self products, carefully selected to help you maintain a safe environment & promote your business.To view our COVID-19 EVENT ACTIVATION POLICY, click here.

Back to the office. A new normal

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We don’t know when our “new normal” will come. Authorities decide this. We can only make predictions at when we will get the green light, and how much time that will give us to prepare. Preparations will be necessary, of course, because the office we left at the beginning of March doesn’t support the needs we face today.

The pandemic has introduced a new aim and made it primary: prevent the spread of germs in the office. Unfortunately, many offices — opened up through the removal of partitions — seem to work directly at odds with this aim. Maybe yours seems to. It’s easy to panic, thinking nothing of the old design can be saved. But you might be surprised what you can repurpose with a little inventiveness.

A safer office space doesn’t mean a complete revolution, so don’t panic. We will help you use the old equipment in new, safer ways. And how to pick the right new equipment that will make for smart investments.


Whenever implementing a new procedure or strengthening an important habit (like handwashing, social distancing), over-communicate, both virtually — via email — and in the office, sharing informational posters throughout the building alongwith providing enough sanitizer dispensers,installing sneeze guards at public interaction areas and adding more closed office areas to practice social distancing.

Office Dividers & Sneeze Guards

Perfect for offices, customer service areas, retail banking, telecom providers, restaurants and many such spaces.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer


Take your hand sanitizing station to the next level, with an integrated display that allows you to display a series of advertisments, messages, videos, & other forms of communication whilst automatically dispensing hand gel. Details here.

Welcome Station w/ Amenities Dispensers

Complete Touchless Entrace Solution with thermal scanning camera, digital display screen, sanitizer, mask and gloves dispensers to ensure your doors are safe for employees and partners.More details here.

Safe and Healthy Return to Work during COVID-19

Supplies to assist your employees are below with options to brand them for merchandising campaigns for your customers and partners to remind them you care.

Personal Protection Supplies


Protecting the health of everyone is our collective duty. As the country returns to work and school, we strive to offer the best PPE individuals require as they come back to work. Options and prices here.

Hygenie and Safety Kit Kits


Help your staff and partners adapt to the office schedules & re-establish bonds with team members as they return to the office while ensuring they follow the SOPs you are required to follow to stay safe & open. Options and prices here.

Office Pods with Air Purifier

Complete with ventilation fans & air purifiers to keep a continuous flow of air that is more safer to breathe; it is an ideal & simple space-saving solution, to provide individual & space saving solutions complying with the new work place regulations.

Adapt Your Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

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Introducing two quick start packages, designed to help you achieve more in response to the effects of Covid-19 on your business and customers.

In a crisis situation subject to rapid change, CMOs need a proactive plan to adjust and adapt how they lead their teams, speak to their customers, and manage their brands.We have TWO immediate start plans to start seeing the results asap!

Bounce Back Sprint

Accelerated strategy and quick win exploration

What it includes:
Website revamp with online commerce
Advanced delivery and payment modules
Social campaigns
Charity campaigns
Gesture controlled activations
Wall projections
Collaborations with relevant brand partners
Online products experience (VR /AR / 3D Animated Walkthroughs)

Let's Discuss Budgets to Refine!

Rapid Recovery

Series of quick wins to catch lower hanging fruits

What it includes:
Online commerce integration
Advanced delivery and payment modules
Social campaigns
Anti-crisis offers
Collaborations with relevant brand partners

Let's Go!

Don’t Stop While the World’s Still Turning

Brand salience will be the main driver for succes of brands. However brand experience should look different now and probably will be in the future. That’s why we have been thinking how we can connect brands with consumers in the very special world we live in.

Gesture Controlled Holograms

Gesture Hologram
In-Store, B2C Expereince

Create a new kind of engagement between customers and brands, with a gesture controlled holographic product range, floating mid-air. Suitable for mall installations, this all-in-one solution is perfect for product launches and brand promotions.

Motion Tracking Interactive

Gesture Hologram
Outdoors/In-Store, B2C Experience

Moving away from touch screens, motion-based interactive experiences allow consumers to control and interact with the screen using nothing but hand and body moments.

Drive-In Cinemas

Gesture Hologram
Outdoors, B2C Experience

The original social distancing pastime. Turn any vacant parking lot into a professional drive-in movie theater using portable large scale LED screens.

Drive-Thru Experience

Gesture Hologram
Outdoor, B2C Campaigns

Immerse consumers in a ride of a lifetime, safe in their very own vehicle. Transport attendees to an endless possibility of environments with Interactive projection, LEDS, holograms, live performers and more as they drive through a visually stunning and interactive brand experience.

Fun Line

Gesture Hologram
In-Store, B2C Experience

As social distancing came into effect the ques went longer alongwith the wait time. Make that time worth it through a combination of print & online branding where Consumers can scan these QR codes with their smartphones, directed to an online quiz/game about your brand. The play & win mechanism can be used for sampling, voucher distribution or brand awareness.

Experience Box

Gesture Hologram
At Home, B2B & B2C Campaigns

With this box, you can offer your product in the context of cross-category matched items & essentials to top of the experience, making this box a ‘hole-in-one’. All themes are possible & everything is customized, from the box design itself to everything in it.

Whatever stage you're at, we’re here to challenge your status quo and navigate you through the many pathways that turn great ideas into tangible value.


AFJ Events Group

Thoughts and Inspirations

We sketch all the time and do 3D illustrations and walkthroughs for our clients all the time but sometimes we like to write about our work, share what motivates us and where we get our inspirations from. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, join us here to read and if you like, share your articles to keep each other motivated :)

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'Hybrid Events' The new face of MICE Industry Post COVID-19

It will take time before people feel comfortable in large gatherings again. But it doesn’t mean that events won’t happen in the meantime. As you rethink your event strategies and upskill your teams to work in the post COVID-19 events era, have a look at some of operations and offerings you can move / add digitally to your events here.

Preparing for the new 'normal' in events, venues and organizers will opt to consider contactless interfaces or interactions which could include more voice interfaces and fewer touch screens; augmented and virtual reality solutions to deliver personalised and compelling on-demand content; and IoT solutions to capture, track and analyse visitor and delegate data in real-time. To view a few we offer, you could have a look our COVID-19 Safe Spaces and Digital Activation ideas. Read more...

Outreach with COVID around: Marketing n.0
#covid19, #marketing, #socialdistancing

The events industry is using this challenging time to prepare for a future of opportunity and to forge closer relationships with our customers, colleagues, members, partners and even competitors.

COVID19 & the Changing Face of the Events & Exhibitions Industry
#covid19, #marketing, #challenges

With a rapidly changing global economic landscape the Covid-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the events and exhibitions industry. What do we expect when the lockdown ends?

Sample image
How your company office could change in the post-coronavirus era
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Exactly when employees will be heading back to work is still an unknown, but what is certain is that when it does happen, things at the office will almost certainly be very different.

5 hacks to make the most of your marketing budget during COVID-19
#marketing, #costs, #budgets

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is impacting ad budgets around the world, no matter the scale of operations. Here are five simple tips on how your digital campaigns can continue to thrive in the COVID-impacted ad industry.

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