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Bored of the usual theatre and banquet table sets?

Looking at changing your event setup this time? We know the usual banquet and theatre seating can sometimes not be feasible for your event and sometimes its just a pure need for change to change!. Here are a few ideas to jazz up your next event:

Stage Diagonals
This twist on a traditional classroom setting is useful because it is less corporate, which suits this particular gala’s purpose, but it still allows full viewing of the stage and allows attendees an area to place their drinks. Staggering the diagonals allows planners to fit more tables without conforming to traditional uniform rows and ensures better sightlines.

S Seating
Snake-like layouts such as this work for long narrow halls or venues where round tables are unsuitable as they take up too much space. Attendees are still fairly close because of where the tables turn back on themselves and the inside is filled with seating but there is plenty of space to get up and move around should they choose. The event lighting here also enhances the layout, making it seem more intricate than it is.

Mixed Banquet
A smaller example of how a banqueting set up and mixed tables can be used in a variety of different spaces. For example, the combination of circular and rectangle tables here avoids dead space and also accommodates different sized groups so it could be conducive to team building and networking too.

A semi-circle layout, such as this, adds a little more dimension and the chairs are staggered for easier viewing, without ever having issues of anyone being behind the speaker or performer.

Teired Seating
Teired seating ensures that everyone can see over the head of those in front of them, as each level is raised. Auditoriums and tiered fixed seating are often found in theatres, universities, sports stadia and large conference venues. Temporary tiered seating solutions can also be hired in if you have the budget to do so.

Spiral Banquet
This would be a unique floor layout for a corporate retreat to facilitate networking, group work and team building and allow the facilitator to be involved with the attendees all around them. It is also a little more fun and a little less formal which can remove some of the pressure from nervous attendees.

U Layout
An interesting reception layout that is also useful in a corporate setting. Facilitators can get close to attendees inside and around the U shape and it also avoids formal rows which can get too stuffy. Allowing for better networking between guests makes this set up useful for larger brainstorming sessions or team building.

Lounge Rows
Another quirky conference idea is this theatre style layout that uses lounge seating for a relaxed and informal vibe. It also makes attendees more comfortable making them better receptors for the speaker and what is going on around them. This floor plan is not as frugal with space as the box chairs and sofas tend to take up a lot of space. The simple black and white color scheme also makes a big visual impact.

X Layout
This beautiful layout can be excellent for networking and small social groups, making conversation easy and utilizing a venue space in an interesting way. This example showcases a reception idea but this could be used for corporate functions and team building exercises. The X set up in the center and the different seating options and levels around it, give plenty of options for mingling and activities. This is a cool idea if you need to use one space for multiple purposes and it can accommodate food and innovative centerpieces too.

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We promise never to sell your data or spam your inbox! Expect a monthly newsletter combining our news, event news, ides and trends from the world and periodic updates on government regulations related to events in the region.

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